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Jerry Sandusky Trial Enters Closing Arguments

The Jerry Sandusky trial is coming to an end after eight days. Following the news on Wednesday that Sandusky would not take the stand in his own defense as previously anticipated, proceedings will wrap up on Thursday. Judge John Cleland delivered jury instructions on Thursday morning, reminding the members of the jury, "You may think he exhibited poor judgement. Poor judgement in and of itself does not result in criminality."

Closing arguments will take place on Thursday, with each side expected to take 60-to-90 minutes. The prosecution rested its case on Monday and the defense rested its case more quickly than expected, on Wednesday, partially because Sandusky did not testify. After closing arguments, the jury will enter deliberations on the 48 charges against Sandusky. There were originally 52 charges, but one was dropped earlier in the week and three more were dropped due to redundancy on Thursday.

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