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Billboards Are The New Butt-Dial

Those billboard wars have apparently drawn the attention of the NCAA, but only because the Mississippi St. Bulldogs went a step too far:


via MSU

The photo above is the billboard that went up all over Mississippi, including in Oxford, home of the rival Mississippi Rebels. It would've been fine had the billboard not been interpreted as recruiting -- "play" is the key word here.

And with that, the fun police have stepped in to deliver a slap on the wrist.

From now on, the compliance office must review all future billboards for content and location before they are purchased; no coaches or sport-specific personnel will be consulted or have input on billboards or any other marketing-related activities; and Thomas will be required to attend an NCAA regional rules seminar on recruiting and enforcement.

Via Eye on College Football

Let's just turn this up to 11, shall we? Next time, hire a skywriter to paint a lovely message over a rival's stadium. If that's too much, at least fly a banner, preferably with a memorable score or taunt.