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Longhorn Network Won't Pursue Texas Tech-Texas State Game, According To Report

Rumblings of ESPN looking to get the 2012 game between Texas Tech and Texas State onto the Longhorn Network reportedly had the Red Raiders thinking about just up and canceling the whole thing and playing 11 games. That would've meant losing money and paying a buyout to Texas State, but it would've also meant not supporting the state overlord's most overlordy project ever.

Now we might get to skip the latest bit of Big 12 drama:

It's actually a home game for the Bobcats, and since the WAC's TV rights line up such that ESPN gets this game, putting it on the Texas-centric LHN must've seemed like a good idea to somebody somehow.

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While we’re here, let’s watch some college football videos from SB Nation’s new YouTube channel together:

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