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College Football Playoffs Are Here: 4-Team System Begins In 2014

The long, slow climb toward the inevitable college football four-team playoff system has finally reached its summit. On Tuesday, BCS commissioners presented their playoff recommendations to college presidents. The proposals have been voted on, and the final word is now official.

At 6 p.m ET on Tuesday, the presidents and commissioners stood together at a press conference to officially announce the creation of a new system featuring a four-team seeded playoff, which will go into effect beginning in the 2014-15 season. The new playoff contract is set to last 12 years.

The new playoff system will involve two semifinal games played at existing bowl sites, followed by a national championship game. The semifinal sites will rotate between six bowl games, though the rotation has not yet been set.

Virginia Tech Hokies President Charles W. Steger called the new system a "best of both worlds" scenario at the press conference, claiming that the system introduces a playoff while preserving the integrity of the traditional bowl system.

There are still certain details that need to be finalized, but the most important bit of news was Tuesday's announcement. For the first time in the 100-plus-year history of the Division I/FBS system, college football will have a four-team playoff.

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