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VIDEO: College Football Playoffs Stuff We Still Get To Argue About

College football has a playoff now, meaning perhaps the least-organized major sport has, for the first time since there were only three or four teams, some sort of a legit process for determining its champion. America's second-biggest sport is about to explode all over again, the small four-team plan will satisfy everyone forever, and you'll never hear college football fans complaining about the postseason ever again.

That last part isn't true at all, of course.

In the video below I talked with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein about what's left to argue about here -- for one thing, what about the little guys? Well, they're still screwed is what -- and even since we recorded this, something new has come up. This weekly selection committee rankings update thing sounds so very BCS-ish, like something done for TV money that could introduce extra confirmation bias into the whole thing.

But! If anybody expected this sprawling mess of a sport to have a tidy playoff, he or she must be new around here.

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