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College Football Playoff Money: Power Conference Committee Divvying Revenue

Update: Yep, a power conference majority.

The biggest remaining obstacle in the way of college football holding playoffs at the highest-level for the first time: how to split up all this money. A whole lot of it, too, something like half a billion every year. The SEC, Big Ten, and Big 12 will all have arguments to make in their own favor, while the little conferences are pretty much going to have to be satisfied with whatever they can get.

That's how we knew it was going to work even before the plan was announced, but this makes it clearer than ever:

Even if the other three members did happen to all be mid-major commissioners, that's a lot of muscle to overcome. Hopefully, it's all based around results and merit, rather than specific conferences automatically getting pre-established cuts, which would make the whole thing infuriatingly close to the BCS.

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