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Isaiah Crowell Arrest: Keith Marshall, Todd Gurley Ready To Step In For Georgia

Isaiah Crowell's future with the Georgia Bulldogs is in serious doubt after being arrested on felony weapons charges. But as Jason Kirk profiles, Georgia's depth chart at running back is far from bare.

Two of the five mentioned in Kirk's piece are talented freshmen Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley, both of North Carolina.

Marshall was arguably the top running back recruit in the country in last year's signing class. At 5'11 and 190 pounds, Marshall has the size to handle 100 or more carries in the SEC. More importantly, perhaps, is Marshall's ability to hit the home run. Marhsall combines excellent speed with tremendous quickness, and as the saying goes, if he's even, he's leavin'. Georgia was already expected to incorporate Marshall into its offense thanks to his big-play ability. Now he may be in line for a larger role.

Stylistically, Gurley is similar to Crowell. Both are bigger, slashing runners who run hard but don't have the elite extra gear. He may not be in line for as much playing time as Marshall, however, because Georgia already has a back or two who have similar abilities but more experience. Still, Gurley profiles as a back capable of picking up the tough yards.

With young running backs, the question is almost never if they can run, but rather if they can pass protect against the blitz. If either Marshall and Gurley can master that aspect of the offense and keep Aaron Murray clean in the pocket, there's a good chance they'll see the field as freshmen for the Bulldogs.

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