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Jerry Sandusky 'Likely' To Also Face Federal Indictment, According To Report

The sex assault trial against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has barely even begun, with jury selection only starting up Tuesday morning, and there's already something else on the horizon. Philadelphia's ABC affiliate reports the federal investigation into Sandusky is "likely" about to lead to an indictment.

As detailed in the grand jury report from last year, one of Sandusky's alleged victims ("Victim 4") accompanied the coach across state lines to the 1998 Outback Bowl in Tampa and the 1999 Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. Crossing state lines makes the alleged ensuing sexual abuse a federal issue. Action News reports this is indeed the crux of the federal investigation.

The feds have reportedly been looking into Sandusky for more than three months now, though their interest also included Sandusky's Second Mile charity, according to the Patriot-News. This means there could be even more on the way here.

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