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Florida State Meeting To Include Big 12 Expansion Talk

You heard FSU-to-the-Big-12 rumors would pick up quite a bit as the week winds down, and yep! You heard right! As the school's Board of Trustees prepares to meet, here's the latest word on the street:

As we learned earlier in the week in greater detail than ever before, realignment denials mean something more than they mean nothing. However, this meeting has apparently been planned for a while, with the realignment element only recently being added to the docket.

And, of course, it's a meeting with FSU's BOT, which will want to talk Big 12 with absolutely anybody and everybody, based on its recent comments. Doesn't necessarily mean Barron's on board at all or will soon change his public course. Then again again (so many reversals here!), if the Board is all in, and the Big 12 is actually interested (which we don't know for sure), then Barron will find himself being rapidly convinced of their position.

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