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Baylor's Mike Singletary Inducted Into SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame

Before he was famous for a tirade about whom he could and couldn't win with as San Francisco 49ers head coach, Mike Singletary was one of the greatest players in Baylor history.

For more on Bears football, visit Baylor blog Our Daily Bears, plus SB Nation Dallas.

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His coaching career might not have worked out as well as he had hoped, but Mike Singletary most certainly can win with our SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame selection committee, and did -- Singletary will be the first linebacker inducted into the Hall.

Singletary is the kind of player with statistics that almost make your eyes fall out of your head. He was credited with 33 tackles in a 1978 game against Arkansas. That is not a typo. What's perhaps more amazing is that he had 199 tackles in the other games he played, for a total of 232 on the 1978 season. As you might imagine, his career number is also pretty gaudy: 662, 351 of them solo. All of those are Baylor records, in case you needed to ask.

Singletary was part of one of the few bright moments in Baylor football history before RG3 -- the 1980 team won a SWC title, and both that team and the 1979 edition ended up in the Top 15. (Before the '80 team, the Bears had won one conference championship in the previous 55 seasons.)

Even if he had just been a player on another long line of mediocre Baylor teams, though, Singletary would have stood out enough to be a member of the inaugural class of the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame.

For more on Bears football, visit Baylor blog Our Daily Bears, plus SB Nation Dallas.

The SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame is a summer project involving all of the network's excellent college football blogs. Each community nominated five of its own for inclusion, with 10 of those nominees being inducted by our selection committee, which included reps from most FBS conferences. The inaugural class' first 10 will be revealed Monday and Tuesday, while the remaining 10 will be chosen by public vote Wednesday and Thursday.

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