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NCAA Football 13 Reviews: New Passing Game Widely Praised

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Oh, hey you guys, there's a new college football game out now. EA Sports' NCAA Football 13 has hit the streets, which means it's time to take a look at whether you should go get it or not. You probably already have, and there's little that's going to happen here that will change that. Maybe you'll go get it like a week earlier than you would've otherwise. Does anybody read sports video game reviews?

My review so far: it seems better. Passing works more like actual passing. Movements look more natural. The super linebacker is either dead or in hiding. Defensive backs no longer Willie Mays themselves some interceptions, yet deep passing is more challenging. There are also other new tricks, like an improved option game and the ability to cancel play action mid-dropback. These are all good things, and they're also the extent of my concerns.

Oh, the live scores ticker is neat. There are probably new mascots and lines of commentary and so forth. There sure probably are. And there's that Heisman mode, which is probably fine.

Joystiq sums up its review with the following: "NCAA Football 13 is just that, a 'Matt Leinart' of sports games; there's much to celebrate and much to despise." A curious line, as Leinart won a Heisman and a national title. He's had a disappointing pro career, but this is a college game, brah.

IGN laments the end of the 20-yard dropback, which sounds great to me. Game Trailers talks up the new passing game, while curiously noting, "college football hasn't yet fallen prey to the 24-hour news cycle like the NFL has." I dunno about that one.

And I'm with Game Informer here:

NCAA games are always different from year to year, but this year's additions are noticeable improvements. NCAA 13 doesn't take the kind of giant leap forward that will be noticed by the masses, but it's an installment that will be built upon and which we will look back at as a key moment in the franchise's larger history.

Of course, the only review you really need is to take a look at Spencer Hall's and Dan Rubenstein's beaming faces as they try it all out:

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