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Watch 'Shutdown Fullback' Wrangle The Big 12!

The world's only college football show moseys into the heart of America to review and preview a conference sure to kick you right in the [Rest of this sentence available only on the Longhorn Network].

sdfb big 12
sdfb big 12

Welcome to Shutdown FullMackBrown, the only football show rootin' and tootin' enough to take on the Big 12.

It's a conference of many different shapes and colors, all of them steer-like and burnt orange, along with a wide variety of terrible defenses. Join us for the adventures of Longhorn Network ambassador Pimp Cow, a thing or two we're so damn proud of, a Big 12 realignment review (IT'S ALL AGGY'S FAULT), your annual Big 12 standings prediction, a welcome guide for TCU and West Virginia and a celebration of all things Stoops.

Also, at one point, the only thing between you and Spencer's naked male form is a bunch of pixels.

While we’re here, let’s watch some of the many other fine college football videos from SB Nation’s Youtube channel:

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