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SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame: List Of Nominees Released

Here are the eligible SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame nominees that were considered by the selection committee.

In the interest of transparency, some folks have asked us to release the full list of eligible nominees considered by the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame selection committee. So here it is. Included here are all the nominees who were submitted on time and were eligible for the Hall.


QB Drew Brees, Purdue

QB Ben Roethlisberger, Miami (OH)

QB Ty Detmer, BYU

QB Philip Rivers, N.C. State

QB Vince Young, Texas

QB Donovan McNabb, Syracuse

QB Joey Harrington, Oregon

QB Steve McNair, Alcorn State

QB Eli Manning, Ole Miss

QB Andre Ware, Houston

QB Tommie Frazier, Nebraska

QB Major Harris, West Virginia

QB Chuck Long, Iowa

QB Terry Baker, Oregon State

QB Danny Wuerffel, Florida

QB Daunte Culpepper, UCF

QB Shawn Moore, Virginia

QB Doug Flutie, Boston College

QB Chuck Fusina, Penn State

QB Brad Smith, Missouri

Running back

RB Mike Alstott, Purdue

RB Eddie George, Ohio State

RB Travis Prentice, Miami (OH)

RB Luke Staley, BYU

RB Herschel Walker, Georgia

RB Ricky Williams, Texas

RB Floyd Little, Syracuse

RB Lydell Mitchell, Penn State

RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon

RB LaDanian Tomlinson, TCU

RB Walter Payton, Jackson State

RB Eric Dickerson, SMU

RB Jerious Norwood, Mississippi State

RB Steve Slaton, West Virginia

RB Ken Simonton, Oregon State

RB Fred Taylor, Florida

RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

Wide receiver

WR Taylor Stubblefield, Purdue

WR Torry Holt, N.C. State

WR Ricky Proehl, Wake Forest

WR Anthony Carter, Michigan

WR Marvin Harrison, Syracuse

WR Jerry Rice, Mississippi Valley State

WR Chuck Hughes, UTEP

WR Eric Moulds, Mississippi State

WR Randy Moss, Marshall

WR Mike Hass, Oregon State

WR Herman Moore, Virginia

WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

WR Bobby Engram, Penn State

WR Marcus Harris, Wyoming

WR Vincent Marshall, Houston

Tight end

TE Dave Young, Purdue

TE Ozzie Newsome, Alabama

TE Dallas Clark, Iowa

TE Heath Miller, Virginia

TE Pete Mitchell, Boston College

TE Kellen Winslow, Missouri

Offensive line

OL Orlando Pace, Ohio State

OL John Tait, BYU

OL Jake Long, Michigan

OL Justin Blalock, Texas

OL John Hannah, Alabama

OL Dave Rimington, Nebraska

OL John Didion, Oregon State

OL Tom Nalen, Boston College

OL Jeff Hartings, Penn State

Defensive line

DL Jason Babin, Western Michigan

DL David Pollack, Georgia

DL Casey Hampton, Texas

DL Dwight Freeney, Syracuse

DL Haloti Ngata, Oregon

DL Rich Glover, Nebraska

DL Alex Brown, Florida

DL Mike Ruth, Boston College

DL Daryl Gardener, Baylor

DL Derrick Thomas, Alabama


LB Shay Muirbrook, BYU

LB Patrick Willis, Ole Miss

LB Johnie Cooks, Mississippi State

LB Darryl Talley, West Virginia

LB Derrick Johnson, Texas

LB Larry Station, Iowa

LB Mike Singletary, Baylor

LB Shane Conlan, Penn State

LB Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern

Defensive back

DB Rod Woodson, Purdue

DB Champ Bailey, Georgia

DB Charles Woodson, Michigan

DB Kenny Wheaton, Oregon

DB Fred Smoot, Mississippi State

DB Thomas Everett, Baylor

DB Roger Wehrli, Missouri

DB Anthony Poindexter, Virginia

DB Randy Rhino, Georgia Tech

Special teams / athlete

ST Mike Nugent, Ohio State

ST Brad Maynard, Ball State

ATH Hines Ward, Georgia

ST/ATH Desmond Howard, Michigan

ST Ray Guy, Southern Miss

ST Johnny Rodgers, Nebraska

ST Tim Dwight, Iowa

ST Daniel Sepulveda, Baylor


Coach Jim Tressel, Ohio State

Coach Bob Pruett, Marshall

Coach LaVell Edwards, BYU

Coach Erskine Russell, Georgia

Coach Jim Grobe, Wake Forest

Coach Bo Schembechler, Michigan

Coach Dick MacPherson, Syracuse

Coach Paul W. Bryant, Alabama

Coach Tom Osborne, Nebraska

Coach Jackie Sherrill, Mississippi State

Coach Don Nehlen, West Virginia

Coach Hayden Fry, Iowa

Coach George Welsh, Virginia

Coach Grant Teaff, Baylor

Coach Bobby Dodd, Georgia Tech

The SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame is a summer project involving all of the network's excellent college football blogs. Each community could nominate five of its own for inclusion, with 10 of those nominees being inducted by our selection committee, which included reps from most FBS conferences. The remaining 10 were chosen by public vote.

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