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Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas Doesn't Think He'll Run More In 2012

Virginia Tech had a good offense for the second year in a row in 2011. It helped to make up for a Hokie defense that was, uncharacteristically, good instead of great. The leader of the offense was redshirt sophomore QB Logan Thomas.

Thomas returns for the 2012 season, but many of his important teammates do not. Among the contributors not returning are running backs David Wilson and Josh Oglesby, receiver Danny Coale, receiver Jarrett Boykin, tight end Chris Drager, offensive tackle Andrew Lanier, offensive guard Greg Nosal, offensive guard Jaymes Brooks and offensive tackle Blake DeChristopher.

Incredibly, Logan Thomas isn't expecting a drop-off on the offensive side of the ball. Thomas wants the offense to be just as good and as well known as Virginia Tech's defense.

And he doesn't think he'll have to use his legs as much to make that happen. "I don't think so. I hope I run less, because it means our running backs will be working and out passing game will be better," he said when asked about having to run more often. "But if I have to because I need it to win, I'll be happy because we're winning and I'm a team player."

Thomas also spoke of Virginia Tech being able to replace David Wilson with a three-headed monster at running back. When asked about Virginia Tech playing around with the pistol offensive set during spring, Thomas indicated that the Hokies really didn't use it that much and don't project to use it often during the regular season. He also lamented Virginia Tech's spring game being cancelled due to rain.

Here are some more notes from Thomas's time with the media here at the ACC Football Kickoff 2012

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