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Penn State Sanctions: Big Ten Tacks On Bowl Money, Title Game Penalties

The NCAA's list of punishments for Penn State wasn't the end of it for the Nittany Lions, who've also received an assortment of penalties from their own conference. The Big Ten announced it'll match the NCAA's four-year bowl ban with a four-year conference championship ban -- not that PSU's going to the Big Ten title game any time soon -- and will redistribute Penn State's cut of Big Ten bowl revenue for the same period to children's charities. That should amount to something like $13 million.

Jim Delany also said the Big Ten is unlikely to prevent PSU players from leaving for other Big Ten schools.

Thus, the total damage after both the NCAA and Big Ten have picked Penn State to the bone:

  • 10 incoming scholarships lost first year, 20 scholarship deduction for four years (More on the scholarship losses here)
  • Penn State players can transfer immediately without penalty (More on transfers here)
  • Loss of about $13 million in Big Ten bowl money, also to children's charities
  • Four-year bowl ban and Big Ten Championship Game ban
  • $60 million fine over five years, with the fine going to an endowment for children's charities
  • Vacation of all wins from 1998 through 2011 (meaning Joe Paterno now ranks seventh among all D1 coaches in wins)
  • Five years NCAA probation
  • The NCAA-enforced creation of various oversight positions

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