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Notre Dame Football Gloves Could Use Spell-Check

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish take a lot of pride in their iconic uniforms. They also take pretty much every opportunity they can to do one-offs and tweaks and generate that $weet $weet revenue. So when the official Notre Dame Equipment Twitter feed (yes, there is a Notre Dame Equipment Twitter feed) sent out a picture of just one of the new sets of gloves for 2012, we probably shouldn't have been too surprised. And yet ...


via @NDFBEquipment

PLAY LIKE A CHA PION today, say the gloves. Good advice. I know that I for one always try to take my advice from gold lamé gloves. That's why most of my life decisions to this point have been made by the cast of "A Chorus Line" and Prince.

These gloves also have a fairly middle-of-the-road sentiment. Play like a champion just today? Just the day I'm wearing the gloves? Not all the time?

Wait, is this message even for the people wearing the gloves? Seems like a strange thing to hold this slogan up to the opponents of Notre Dame. Someone flashes these at their rival, maybe the rival team will just be like, "Hey, thanks buddy. Good lookin' out."

Maybe Notre Dame will supply these gloves to visiting teams. That would probably be the only thing that really makes sense.

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