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Penn State Transfers: Add Iowa, Syracuse, UCF To List Of Interested Schools

The list of schools interested in picking up players from the Penn State wreckage is already long, so why not add a few more? On ESPN Wednesday morning, coach Bill O'Brien said kind things about his peers who've called him to say they're looking into PSU's roster, rather than going directly to the players. Even though schools are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want due to the NCAA's sanctions, it's still polite.

Iowa fans have expressed interest in receiver Malik Golden, who visited the Hawkeyes during his recruitment. Syracuse's Doug Marrone and O'Brien both worked for O'Leary at Georgia Tech.

The most interesting story line here could be O'Leary taking a player away from Ted Roof, who was briefly O'Leary's defensive coordinator earlier this year before the Penn State job came calling.

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