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Advice For Penn State's Bill O'Brien: Quit

A new "Bomani & Jones" to lend Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien some moral support, and perhaps more importantly, some advice: Quit that job. Fast.

bomani jones
bomani jones

Here at "Bomani & Jones," we're tired of being outraged by what's going on at Penn State. It's been nine months. We simply don't have any energy left to be mad.

We do, however, have plenty of energy for laughing. In fact, we've been waiting all this time for something appropriately funny to happen so we could move beyond the media's competition to show who's the most offended by child molestation. There are no real winners or losers in that one.

But this week's episode? The winner may be you. It certainly won't be Bill O'Brien, who'll take more losses over the next few years than the Washington Generals and Prairie View Panthers of the 1990s. It's gonna be ugly. It's gonna be embarrassing. And it's gonna go on for a long, long time.

So, Coach, if you want to quit, I won't judge you. If I were you, I would have quit already. So here's a new "Bomani & Jones" to lend O'Brien moral support, whatever decision he chooses. And, to give him suggestions on what to do if Penn State tries to make him pay that reported $4 million buyout. Bill collectors aren't as scary as you may have heard.

Trust me. I know.

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