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VIDEO: Texas A&M Really Wants SEC To Like Them, Has No Idea How To Make That Happen

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The Texas A&M Aggies are moving to the SEC and they are super happy about it, you guys! They're really nervous about their first day and they want to make sure all the cool upperclassmen like them. They've heard all those horror stories about how those mean Arkansas Razorbacks might pants them in the hall, or that the Georgia Bulldogs might knock their food tray out of their hands in the cafeteria, or that the Florida Gators might all get arrested. Texas A&M's mom always told them that the best way to make friends was to just be nice and try to talk about things the other person might like to talk about. So Texas A&M made a "welcome video" that can only be described as, "Our moms told us to do this."

Yes, the below video appeared on Texas A&M's official YouTube page on Monday and good lord in heaven I would be willing to bet you've never seen anything more lackluster or poorly thought out in all your days.

As of Monday night, the video had 221 "dislikes" against just 36 "likes" and the only thing I can figure is that all of the people that appear in the video and their moms clicked "like" as soon as it was posted.

Texas A&M, perhaps waking up in a cold sweat and realizing, "Oh no! All the cool schools are gonna think we're massive nerds," had the video pulled from their YouTube page at around 1 a.m. ET. But thanks to our good friends at Collegiate Stadiums, it shall live on.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to stick around past the cringe-inducing "meat" of the video to get to the "bloopers," which feature -- among other things -- someone not being able to spell "Mizzou." (In her defense, that isn't a real word.)

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