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Let Hugh Freeze's Pink Lyrics Change Your Life

Come on, y'all. Stop making fun of Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze. He knows "God Is a DJ" is a song by Pink. Of course he knows that.

What he doesn't know, and what you don't know either, is that this particular lyric could've been written by Pink, Jonnie Davis, or Billy Mann, all of whom share writer's credits on the track. The song could have also been written by God, as it is suspiciously complimentary of His general musical skills.

Truly, the entire ASCAP royalties system is just one big coaching metaphor, raring to be deployed.

What coach Freeze is getting at here is that we can never truly be responsible for our own achievements, as it's impossible to determine where one's contributions to one's accomplishments begin and end. When Ole Miss scores its field goal against Alabama this year, will praise be heaped only upon the kicker, or upon the holder, the snapper, and the line as well, in addition to the offense that will have mustered about 36 yards per quarter up to that point in the game?

This is what coach Freeze is trying to say here.

/gives altar call

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