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Isaiah Crowell Will Transfer To Alabama State, According To Report

Isaiah Crowell's football career is far from over. The running back, dismissed from Georgia in June after an arrest on a felony charge, is reportedly going to start over this fall at Alabama State, according to, Rivals' Georgia site.

Crowell would be eligible to play this fall. Alabama State is an FCS school, and players transferring from FBS schools are immediately eligible at the FCS level, as dismissed Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins was at the University of North Alabama in 2011.

Crowell stands accused of possessing a weapon in a school zone, and possessing an altered ID mark, both felonies. He has hired top-flight lawyer Steve Sadow, one of Georgia's finest defense attorneys, to represent him in the case, but may not need to be cleared of wrongdoing to be eligible to play for the Hornets.

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