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Herschel Sims Transfers To Lamar University

Oklahoma State running back Herschel Sims was booted from the Cowboys football team back in May for felony forgery. Sims has seemingly found a place to play football next season, since it won't be with Okie State, at Lamar University. Sims announced his transfer destination on his personal Facebook page, changing his location to Beaumont, Texas and adding Lamar to his timeline.

As a freshman with Oklahoma State, Sims rushed the football just 31 times for 242 yards. Sims did have two one-hundred yard rushing games and two touchdowns, despite being the third running back on the depth chart.

Since Lamar University is a Football Championship Subdivision, Sims will not have to sit out a year and can play right away in 2012. There was some belief Sims could sit out a season and transfer to Baylor, but instead opted to play right away.

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