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SEC/Big 12 Champions Bowl Bidding Could Be Down To 3 Cities

When last we looked at the list of 10 cities that had reportedly received requests to send in Champions Bowl hosting proposals, here's how we ranked the likelihood of each locale landing the game: Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, and that's it. And would you look at how it's shakin' out:

That would mean Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Nashville, San Antonio, Tampa and Jacksonville are lumped in one way or another in the latter groups, based on McMurphy's previous report.

The SEC and Big 12's Champions Bowl has emerged as a sudden rival to the Rose Bowl, with the new guys informing the world that their bowl will likewise be played on New Year's Day. Despite never fielding a single matchup or even picking a host city, it's already locked in as one of the six playoff bowls under the 2014 system. Swag.

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