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Reggie Bush Finally Returns Heisman Trophy

It's been two years since former USC Trojans running back Reggie Bush was stripped of his 2005 Heisman Trophy due to NCAA sanctions, but while his title was vacated, he made sure to hang on to the physical trophy. But apparently, Bush later had a change of heart and decided to return it to the Heisman Trust, a decision he confirmed during a radio interview on Wednesday.

Bush broke the news on "The Dan Patrick Show," and the trophy's return was later confirmed by ESPN Los Angeles, which quoted a Heisman Trust spokesman as saying Bush "returned the trophy 'some time' ago." The location of Bush's Heisman had been a matter of some speculation since his title was stripped, and Bush had remained mum on the matter. He spilled the beans during Wednesday's interview with Patrick, letting the world know that he no longer has it in his possession.

The return was an interesting move by Bush because the trust never asked for it back, nor were they actively trying to reclaim it. USC returned its copy of the trophy after the NCAA levied its sanctions in June 2010 and asked the university to disassociate itself from Bush.

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