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VIDEOS: SB Nation Interviews Pac-12 Coaches Mike Leach, Chip Kelly

SB Nation's own Dan Rubenstein was on the scene for Pac-12 Media Days last week, walking away with exclusive interviews with Washington State coach Mike Leach, Oregon coach Chip Kelly, and more. Above, Leach explains his optimism in his new team despite a range of challenges coming in. He does not veer into obscure American history, but you'll still learn something.

Below, three other Pac-12 exclusives.

Kelly speaks at his usual tremendous pace, obliges Dan by hypothetically answering a hypothetical question, and does not yell at anyone to stop interfering with Erin Andrews:

UCLA's Jim Mora talks about his new team's diverse offense and the differences between coaching in the NFL and taking over his first college gig:

And Cal's Keenan Allen, named to the Walter Camp and Biletnikoff watch lists, explains just how manly his extremely manly beard is:

More to come!

While we’re here, let’s watch some of the many fine college football videos from SB Nation’s YouTube channel:

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