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Texas Tech Dismisses Daniel Cobb, Top Returning Tackler At LB

Daniel Cobb has been dismissed from the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team after breaking an undisclosed team rule.

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The Texas Tech Red Raiders football squad has lost one of its defensive players, as it was announced the team had released Daniel Cobb on Monday. He was reportedly released from the team for violating a team rule.

Cobb was a contributor for the Red Raiders in 2011, putting together enough to be the third leading tackler on the team by season's end. According to Double T Nation, Cobb was a bit of a rogue player who wasn't likely to do too much on the Raiders this season:

Cobb could play a bit, but he was undisciplined and played by his own rules, and that's why he started off as the second team last year behind two true freshmen, moved his way up because the freshmen weren't ready, and never made it above third team this year. He liked to do his own thing and maybe that translated to off the field as well. I'm not sure. But like with the transfer of Urell Johnson, who just transferred on his own, no discipline issues, he and Cobb couldn't get passed the third team.

As of right now, the infraction that Cobb committed is unknown, but it was clearly a fairly egregious one to be released outright from the roster. He joins Cqulin Hubert among linebackers released by the Red Raiders so far this off season.

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