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Big East Expansion: Another Football Team Likely Coming

The Big East will "very likely" add another member to the conference within the next year, commissioner Mike Aresco told The Chris Vernon Show on Monday. The conference currently has eight members for the upcoming 2012 season, and will expand in 2013 with the additions of UCF, Houston, Memphis, SMU, Boise State, and San Diego State, plus Navy in 2015. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are leaving the conference in 2013 to join the ACC.

Among the potential candidates to latch onto the conference, BYU and Air Force have been the most heavily rumored to also join by 2015. With two more members, Big East football membership would expand to 14 teams, making it the largest conference in FBS division football.

BYU announced it would leave the Mountain West Conference in 2010 to become independent. The Cougars have long been rumored to be on their way to the Big East, but hit snags in negotiations over television rights. Air Force is currently a member of the Mountain West.

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