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Mo Isom Trying Out For LSU Football Again This Week

Former LSU Tigers women's soccer goalie Mo Isom is trying out again to be a kicker for the football team. Isom had tried out for the team back in spring practice, but was left off the roster at that point. Four kickers, including excellent place kicker Drew Alleman and kickoff specialist James Hairston are on the current roster, so she has a lot to overcome.

But to Isom, that's nothing compared to what she has gone through ever since entering high school. An article by Jordan Conn on Grantland looked at her turbulent life, including eating disorders, the suicide of her father and a serious auto accident in 2010.

Through it all, Isom has persevered and is now trying to become the first female player on an SEC team. From Conn's piece:

If they say they just don't have the roster spots, or if they do and they say I'm just not good enough, then I can be OK with that, because - and I have to remind myself of this sometimes - I want what's best for the LSU Tigers. I want to earn it. I don't want it given to me. If I don't earn it, then I'll cry for a while, and I'll be fine. I'll move on with my life.

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