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UNC Academic Scandal: Butch Davis's Phone Records Coming Out

A superior court judge ordered former North Carolina football coach Butch Davis to surrender cell phone bills on Wednesday as controversy continues over improper benefits and alleged academic improprieties at UNC. According to Sports Illustrated, media organizations including the Associated Press have asked for those bills to be released as public records for over a year. Judge Howard E. Manning Jr. gave Davis 30 days to release the bills, which include calls made by Davis as part of his official duties as head coach.

"University officials and coaches may not use their personal cellphones to `dodge' or evade the North Carolina Public Records law and may not avoid public scrutiny of their cellphone records by using their personal cellphones to conduct public business,'' Manning said in his order.

Last week, UNC officials announced the launch of an internal investigation into possible academic violations involving athletes. According to ESPN, former North Carolina governor James G. Martin will lead the investigation. Charges of academic impropriety come on the heels of an NCAA-imposed bowl ban and scholarship reduction for the football team for improper benefits given to players.

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