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Mississippi State Confirms NCAA 'Recruiting Irregularity' Investigation

Former Mississippi State receivers coach Angelo Mirando cited "personal issues" when he surprisingly stepped down just weeks before the beginning of the season after working for Dan Mullen for four years. Now, following a report that Mirando's resignation was due to a NCAA investigation into his recruitment of "at least one" current player, the school has confirmed something or other.

(No, this almost certainly has nothing to do with Cam Newton. Just getting that out of the way.)

Via Brandon Marcello of the Clarion-Ledger:

Over the last several months, Mississippi State has worked in cooperation with the NCAA to examine a potential recruiting irregularity. We are nearing the end of this examination, and it is our intent to provide additional details when it is complete.

So with the Miami and Oregon scandals winding down, might we have another one spring up out of nowhere to take their place? I don't know. It's probably nothing really all that major, but we've learned to be surprised by nothing at this point.

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