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2012 College Football Countdown: Texas, Wisconsin Among Next Five

SB Nation Studios (subscribe on YouTube!) is ramping up its college football coverage (which already includes Shutdown Fullback along with much more) as the season approaches, continuing with five more videos in the SB Nation Studios 2012 Preseason Top 25 countdown series by Dan Rubenstein and Bill Connelly.

At No. 11, TCU, which has finally clawed its way out of the wilderness and back to the power conference level:

They're followed at No. 12 by new Big 12 mate Oklahoma State, who the numbers love despite all that lost talent:

Texas continues the heartland run, showing up at No. 13 on the strength of its mighty defense and ... what a mighty defense:

Stanford is your No. 14 despite losing Andrew Luck, as the Cardinal still boast a stout offensive line and tough defense:

And at No. 15, the defending Big Ten champions, Wisconsin:

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