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Zeke Pike Reportedly Transferring To Louisville ... As A Tight End

Just a few days ago, Zeke Pike was a quarterback at Auburn. Now, Pike is reportedly heading to Louisville ... as a tight end. This is not a drill.

Informed sources tell that former Auburn quarterback Zeke Pike will transfer to Louisville. Although Louisville's players have reported, Pike is not expected on campus until next week.

Pike will not play quarterback for the Cardinals. Instead, he will line up at tight end.

That's the joke. That's all there is to it.

Pike was arrested for public intoxication after enrolling and arriving on campus in January. He reportedly had a somewhat sketchy past in high school and the quick arrest for getting drunk in public led Coach Gene Chizik to send him home before ultimately dismissing him.

And somehow that dismissal led to Pike being banished to Louisville as a tight end. The world works in mysterious ways, but here we are. One more slip-up and Pike will be an offensive lineman at Memphis. And that's about as low as things can get.

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