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Texas A&M's Postponed Suspensions Prove SEC Readiness

Texas A&M's Steven Jenkins and Howard Matthews are suspended for the Louisiana Tech game in Shreveport. You might remember the discipline from back in June. In fact, it was Kevin Sumlin's first such act as Aggies coach, so we'll all recall it fondly.

So when the LA Tech game was delayed by Hurricane Isaac, does that mean those suspensions roll over to the Florida game, or ha ha why do you even have to ask:

The nature of their transgression was so specific that only an afternoon spent not playing Louisiana Tech will suffice as a punishment. An afternoon spent not playing Florida has nothing to do with the exact rules broken by the pair, and in fact would only dilute the waters of justice. I don't get why this is so hard to understand.

The funny thing: Florida did the exact same thing eight years ago. See? Basically just company policy in the SEC.

The other funny thing: the Gators are not expected to be a whole lot better than Louisiana Tech, plus A&M gets true home field advantage against UF. And the two suspended players are back-seven defenders, which you'd have to think would be at more of a premium against a capable Air Raid like LA Tech's than against a first-year balanced offense like Florida's. So, in a fashion, Sumlin might not really be helping himself all that much either way.

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