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Longhorn Network, AT&T U-verse Have A Deal, SB Nation Reports

The Longhorn Network will be available on AT&T U-verse, as the television provider has flipped the switch to offer the University of Texas-themed sports channel as of early Friday morning -- it's now Channel 1609. Paul Wadlington of SB Nation's own Barking Carnival broke the news Thursday night, with details following shortly after from our Burnt Orange Nation.

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The news is great for Texas fans, who were put in a bind by the decision to air the team's season opener against Wyoming on the ESPN-affiliated channel which many cable companies have balked at carrying. Before the deal, the Longhorn Network was only available to a very slim minority of viewers even in the Austin television market.

AT&T's cable package, on the other hand, has 6.8 million subscribers in 22 states, making the provider only the second national service to carry the network.

The Longhorn Network will also carry Texas' second game against New Mexico as well as games across 20 Texas varsity sports and is in talks to carry a third football game.

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