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Cal Football Releases The Most Riveting Cable-Installation Video Of The Year

College football is weird. That's a pretty widely-known fact at this point. But every now and again (by which I mean pretty much every other hour), someone ups the ante on just how weird it can get. The weirdest official YouTube video of the day was released by the California Golden Bears athletics department on Friday and it features hot tuner box-on-tuner box action. wait that sounds absolutely filthy

The Pac-12 Networks have launched, of course, but since every cable company in the world is a massive, stinky butt, not everyone is carrying the channel bundle you need to have to watch said networks. Just like with real football (that was an unnecessary swipe but I'm not proud), if you want to watch your favorite teams every week, you have to suck it up, cancel your contract with your existing cable provider and switch over to someone else.

It appears that not even Cal's Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour is above this indignity. So Cal made a video of her getting her new cable installed. Then they thought everyone would want to watch it. So they edited it and uploaded it to YouTube. Now you're going to watch it. Because you're a weirdo, too. Enjoy!

Rockin' soundtrack! Helpful cable guys! Comparisons to every porno that I don't have to help you draw! Oh, what the heck.




Just out of curiosity, why does no Director of Athletics ever look like they understand how to operate their own body?



Anyway, we hope you enjoyed that, Cal fans! Tune in next week when the equipment manager gets his pool cleaned!

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