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Michigan State Puts Together BET Uncut Tribute On Tip Drill

Joe Southwick isn't having a great night against Michigan State in his first start for Boise State, but, c'mon, fate, give a guy a better chance of becoming something more than "Not Kellen Moore" than you do here, please.


It's not really clear where Southwick was going with this throw, except "the wrong place no no no stop," but it sure wasn't supposed to go off Isaiah Lewis' hands and into R.J. Williamson's as Williamson rolled over on the ground.

Fate decided to be nice to Boise State on the next drive when Andrew Maxwell threw a screen pass that turned into a Broncos pick-six, but that doesn't make Southwick any more impressive. He's 5-for-13 through the air for 63 yards, slightly off the pace that Moore usually set.

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