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Champions Bowl Proposals Requested From 10 Cities, Including 1 In Arizona

The new SEC and Big 12 partnership bowl, still tentatively titled the Champions Bowl (yep, still calling it that), needs a host city. A couple weeks ago, the conferences sent out requests for proposals from a list of cities, and now we have that list:

Let's go ahead and POWER RANK these.

  1. Dallas: Jerry Jones has a lot of money, and really likes spending it. It's also the highest-profile football town that's in the footprints of both conferences and home to the Cotton, already a major SEC/Big 12 bowl.
  2. New Orleans: The SEC's biggest bowl game is already in Nola, and everybody likes Nola.
  3. Atlanta: If we don't get it, I'm blaming Chick-fil-A anyway, since their controversy-mired brand name is stuck to the city's bowl hopes.
  4. Ha Ha Nobody Else Is Going To Get This Game: Let's be serious, friends.

Your turn: please concoct a scenario in which Phoenix, a city in Arizona, gets a bowl game automatically including the SEC champion. Do your worst!

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