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Ray-Ray Armstrong Planning To Take Miami To Court

Dismissed Miami safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is planning on filing an injunction that would allow him to keep playing for the team, the Miami Herald reported Tuesday night. Armstrong's lawyer points out he was kicked off the team after a handful of incidents but "without the NCAA telling them to" and alleges Miami is using the player "as a sacrificial lamb" to the NCAA.

Miami, you'll recall, is about to get flagellated by the NCAA for the Nevin Shapiro adventure. Armstrong was one of the players named in that investigation early on, so cutting him loose for infractions that may not all have been directly related could be viewed as a burnt offering to the NCAA, if you're of a certain mind.

One perspective on the matter, via The 7th Floor:

This logic is also extremely weak. Morgan is attempting to invalidate the notion of "team rules," which seems rather ridiculous on its face. The argument is that the only "rules" that actually exist are those explicitly set forth by the NCAA. Does the NCAA have a rule stating that players must run wind sprints if ordered by coaches? Does the NCAA have a rule stating that players must show up to film sessions? Does the NCAA have explicit rules regarding curfew? Should Maryland players sue so they can wear their hats backwards in the presence of Randy Edsall? You can see how ridiculous this all is.

Of course, there's another set of questions that must be asked. Let's say, for whatever reason, a judge agrees with Morgan's argument and reinstates Ray-Ray. Who then defines Ray-Ray's role on the team? Per Schad, Armstrong wants to use the injunction to begin practicing again with Miami. Who then defines "practice?" (Yes, we talkin' bout practice.) Do Morgan and Armstrong's family think that Al Golden would just install Ray-Ray back into the two-deep? What if Golden decided that what Ray-Ray should be doing at practice is playing catch with the fourth-string quarterback? Is Morgan going to file an injunction stating that Ray-Ray must practice on the first team defense?

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