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Bobby Petrino Interview: TV Schedule For Disgraced Coach's First Public Chat

Fired Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino has an image to rehab as new coaching jobs are just months away from opening. The first step, after a few months of silence, is an interview in his home state of Montana with Joe Schad, to air Thursday on SportsCenter. Schad describes him as "remorseful, apologetic and emotional," and says the coach discusses his affair with employee Jessica Dorrell and what he was thinking after his motorcycle crash.

As for the exact time the interview will air, it's not easy to pin it down exactly, but it'll definitely be up throughout the afternoon and evening. Schad says it will definitely air in its entirety on the 6 p.m. ET edition of the show.

It's gonna take a whole, whole lot for Petrino to win back a sliver of college football fans, but all he really has to do is win over a single athletic director. Once that happens, wins on the field will likely follow, and then he's back in business.

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