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College Football Top 25: Rating The Rankings

Early season college football rankings are extremely volatile. With so much season remaining, teams can rise or plummet with just one game. While there isn't much debate at the top of the Associated Press Top 25 this week, Dan Rubenstein took a closer look at the poll and highlighted a few teams that could rise and and a few that could soon find themselves among the unranked.

Fresh off their impressive win against Missouri, Rubenstein highlighted No. 7 Georgia as one team that is currently underranked. Rubenstein argued they should be No. 5, because their current resume is more impressive than the two teams above them who have played soft schedules so far.

No. 15 Kansas State is another team coming off an impressive win that also could be rising in the polls soon. No. 21 Stanford has a big matchup with No. 3 USC this week, which could cause them to rise into the top 10 or fall out of the poll completely.

Speaking of a couple of teams that could fall out of the poll, Rubenstein highlights No. 22 UCLA and No. 24 Arizona as two teams that have had some early success, but may not be likely to remain ranked for long.

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