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Byron De'Vinner Details Alleged Recruitment Violations By Mississippi State Booster

Byron De'Vinner, a 7-on-7 coach in Memphis, has become the center of a firestorm surrounding the Mississippi St. Bulldogs and the alleged actions of a former booster.

Earlier this week, De'Vinner joined Head-to-Head Radio and spilled the beans on Mississippi State's recruitment of freshman defensive back Will Redmond in an effort to "clear his name." During the interview, De'Vinner told the hosts that he saw a booster give Redmond a handshake that included about $200:

"Will Redmond is a kid that was basically taken advantage of by a booster and by an assistant coach," De'Vinner said on the radio show.

De'Vinner also reportedly told's Joe Schad that the same booster, Robert Denton Herring, had provided or attempted to provide benefits to other players:

"Denton was trying his hardest to get Frank Herron, a 2013 recruit, to come to Mississippi State," De'Vinner said. "He asked me to call his mom and say if he committed to State he could get her a better job. He also told me if Brandon Hill, who did not qualify at Alabama, committed to State, he could get him eligible because of a Mississippi State booster that was a counselor in his school. It comes back to pimping kids. And I wouldn't do it."

However, De'Vinner has since denied talking to Schad on the record:

De'Vinner has talked to NCAA investigators and laid out what he knows to Yahoo! Sports' Pat Forde, as well. De'Vinner has also said that the NCAA is looking into the recruitment of at least one other as-yet-unidentified Memphis-area player.

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