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Jeff Tedford Is Your New Role Model

Per Jon Wilner, the total cost of firing Jeff Tedford, current Cal football coach, would come to somewhere around $10 million. That is a lot of money, particularly for a coach whose overall record over the last three years is just over .500, and an especially large sum for a program still footing the bill for recent renovations to Memorial Stadium.

So to review: Jeff Tedford gets to live in houses like this, coach his team into shape while the university realizes how painful it would be to fire him, and then pull this out and win seven or eight games while reminding everyone that yes, even with the frustrations of the present, he remains the all-time winningest coach in Bears history.

After he does this, he probably peels out in a very expensive car and, because he lives in the Bay Area, drives past something beautiful and expensive. The weather for all of this is moderate and occasionally perfect, and Cal has to be one of the most underrated coaching jobs in America as far as the ratio of quality of life/job pressure for your troubles.

In contrast, Nick Saban and every other SEC coach has to win ten games a year and live in tiny southern college towns, which while pleasant is not one of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world. Tedford can win eight a year and not worry about getting poisoned for losing to Stanford, and Jeff Tedford is your new role model. Do everything he has done and you'll be fine in life. (Except for starting Joe Ayoob. Don't ever do that.)

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