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AIRBHG Is Absolutely Merciless

By now, college football fans know the Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God's (AIRBHG for short) history. It spares no ACLs, nor other appendages in its tear through the Iowa backfield. What started as a somewhat playful joke about Iowa's propensity to lose running backs with the quickness has become so very real.

Saturday's victims: Greg Garmon and Damon Bullock. Two more notches in the belt of AIRBHG. Garmon went down with a shoulder injury, while it's yet unknown what ails Bullock. Either way, the Hawkeyes are basically out of running backs, and using a fullback to establish a ground game at the moment.

If you're superstitious, it'd be a good idea to just stay away from Iowa running backs, lest you become collateral damage. AIRBHG is on a tear like we've never seen before, and nobody is safe.

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