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2012 Colorado: The Worst BCS Conference Football Team Since ... ?

The list of teams commonly accepted to be the worst BCS conference teams ever includes such standards as 1999 South Carolina, 2002 Rutgers, 2003 Temple, 2005 Duke, 2006 Stanford, 2007 Minnesota 2008 Washington, 2009 Washington State, 2011 Kansas and other abominations.

But 2012 Colorado might completely lap them all before the entire sad year is in the books.

Already, the Buffs have both lost to a FCS team (Sacramento State) and a non-BCS team that itself lost to a FCS team (Colorado State). They've now given up a Mountain West record for points in a half (55) to Fresno State, which scored only 25 against Oregon the week prior. I say again, Colorado, a Pac-12 team, is on pace to suffer the biggest FBS loss in years to a 1-1 Mountain West team with a first-year head coach.

And it's not likely to get much better for CU. Still to come are USC and Oregon and Stanford all in a row, with better-than-expected UCLA, Arizona State and Arizona on the way, along with talented Washington and Utah squads. The best hope for a win remaining might be Washington State, and that game's in Pullman -- and Wazzu has an extra day of rest and prep, having won on Friday.

Colorado should be 2-1 at worst by this point. It should've squirreled away a winter's worth of good vibes before hitting the rough Pac-12 schedule, thereby stashing enough hope for couple of conference wins. But from this point onward, anything better than an 0-12 season would have to be considered a success.

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