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BYU Vs. Utah Final Score: Utes Upset No. 25 BYU In 24-21 Thriller

It took three different endings to finish the game between Utah and No. 25 BYU and they were all in regulation. Unfortunately for BYU, the result was the same in every single one, they were upset by their in-state and un-ranked rivals, 24-21.

At first the Utes thought they won outright. Students stormed the field as the visiting Cougars walked around holding up their fingers, the index ones, to indicate one-second remaining on the game clock. After a review by the officials, the Cougars were given the ball.

BYU kicker Justin Sorensen attempted a field goal that was blocked by the Utes. The students stormed the field once again causing BYU to raise another issue that the students had run on the field to early.

The officials agreed with BYU again and assessed a penalty on the Utes. BYU still had life. Thanks to the penalty, Sorensen was 15 yards closer to the goal posts. The kick had the distance, but it hooked a little bit too much and bounced off the uprights.

For real this time, Utah upset BYU, 24-21 and the students were finally able to stay on the field.

Box Score Hero: BYU wide receiver Cody Hoffman had eight catches for 111 yards and one touchdown. Statistically, it was an unremarkable game for players on both squads.

Rankings Ramifications: This loss by the Cougars will likely put them out of the Top 25.

But Did They Cover? The Utes came in as 3.5 underdogs. They didn't need it.

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Next Week's Schedule: BYU's life gets a little bluer as they head to Boise State. The Utes get to enjoy the dry heat of Arizona as they face the Arizona State Sun Devils.

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