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The University Of Idaho Wants You To Get Vandalized

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Nothing says "college football" like some barbarian-style swords-and-sorcery fantasy avatars. Wait, that doesn't say "college football" in any way at all ever. That hasn't stopped the University of Idaho from going full-on D&D with their new marketing campaign, however.

Courtesy of Cowboy Altitude, we've been made aware that the Idaho Vandals have launched a new marketing website called "Get Vandalized," where you are invited to create your own ... like, Warcraft character, I guess?

It's pretty much just like creating a Warcraft character. I mean, I've heard it is. Ahem. Except without the customization options. Or the hope that, at any point, a very fun game will break out.

I made this guy. He's dual-wielding some righteous claymores.


If this is what Idaho football is like, I'll be watching all the frigging time. What's that? It's just a regular crummy football team? Oh. Shame about that.

Not sure how this is supposed to get Idaho a new conference. Maybe they're trying to appeal to the Pac-12? Yeah, there's a bunch of nerds over there. Good plan, Idaho. Keep it up. You're gonna get that Pac-12 invite any day now. Aaaaany day. Yep.

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