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VIDEO: Oregon Vs. Arkansas State Highlights, Starring De'Anthony Thomas

In their 57-34 victory over Arkansas State, the Oregon Ducks were scoring touchdowns in the first half against Arkansas State at a faster rate than a senior citizen inserts coins into a slot machine. In an incredible quarter and a half of football, Oregon piled up 50 points, and could've hit triple digits if they'd kept up the pace.

It took them a total of one minute and twenty seconds to get on the scoreboard, as Oregon drove 74 yards in seven TJordan. A quick three and out by Arkansas State set up the second Oregon touchdown off a Marcus Mariota to De'Anthony Thomas connection. That drive took a ponderously slow minute and fifty-five seconds.

The touchdowns piled up from there. A Michael Clay forced fumble set up a three play, 19 second drive that resulted in Mariota finding Huff for a four yard score. Next up came Kenjon Barner on a long-winding three minute drive, scoring on a 17 yard scamper to make it 29-0. After Arkansas State found the scoreboard with a field goal, Mariota went back to the air with four completions on four attempts, finding Thomas for another touchdown. A Jonathan Boyett interception set up the Black Mamba for a 33 yard touchdown rush, and then Byron Marshall capped off the 50 points with a three yard rush.

Here are some of the highlights from the early Duck barrage courtesy of ESPN.

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