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LSU Vs. North Texas: Zach Mettenberger's Debut Positive But Uneven

LSU Tigers quarterback Zach Mettenberger made his debut as the Tigers' starter on Saturday and turned in a solid in his performance against the North Texas Mean Green. Mettenberger was 19-for-26 for 192 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

SB Nation's LSU blog And The Valley Shook called Mettenberger's performance uneven, and thought there was room for improvement although while pointing out that it was his first start for the Tigers.

Mettenberger himself was fairly emblematic of the team in general. He made some very nice throws, but almost seemed to get a bit lazy near the redzone, where his interception came on a bad decision and a lazy, back-foot throw. Not bad, just sloppy. The touchdown pass to Kadron Boone signified things perfectly -- a beautiful throw, putting an in-cut out in front for the receiver and away from the corner, after climbing the ladder away from pressure in the pocket. But he also missed Jarvis Landry on a post that would've been an easier six just a beat sooner. Still, remember, this was his first start.

It is worth pointing out that LSU's coaching staff appeared to play things safe with Mettenberger at times. The offense relied upon a series of quick slants and short hitches that didn't put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. The coaching staff didn't open things up until North Texas moved to take the short routes away. His touchdown pass was a thing of beauty, but the lack of focus on some of his other throws leaves plenty of room for improvement.

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