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Kentucky Fans: Lousy At High-Fives, Terrific At GIFs

The Kentucky Wildcats have a football team! Not only that, but they are locked in a tense (not really) game against their arch-rivals (I guess) the Louisville Cardinals on Sunday. Not a lot of things have gone right so far for Kentucky, which extends to the fans in the crowd as well. Even when things go right, in fact, even the celebrations can take a turn for the worse.

Please enjoy the worst high-five result this week, courtesy of @BubbaProg.


Much like the very, very best GIFs, this image tells a spectacular story. Layers within layers here, with each loop bringing new information to us.

For starters, the man falling here is not responsible for the worst high-five in the frame. That honor actually belongs to the backwards-hat and sweatband guy in the foreground and the guy with the chains and the white goatee. Backwards-hat performs his half of the high-five before the recipient is ready, resulting in a delayed echo-five. Like one of those banks where you put a coin in a groove and a small plastic hand reaches out and snatches it.

Also worth nothing: the fan in the glasses on the extreme right-hand edge of the frame who also appears to be engaged in a woefully sub-par high-five that may be turning into "skins."

Also also worth noting:

- Two beer-holding guys engaged in INTENSE conversation

- Guy next to falling guy only has the faintest dawning of something amiss when his arm is nudged

- Woman's hat-brim struck by falling man's hat-brim, leading to instant of sheer terror on woman's face

There's just so much here. This may be the new Sistine Chapel of GIFs. The GIFstine Chapel.

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