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VIDEO: UL Monroe Played 2 Quarterbacks At The Same Damn Time

How does a Sun Belt squad take down a top-10 team from the SEC West, nearly top a recent national champion and nearly outscore the team with the nation's longest BCS conference winning streak? Underdog tactics would be wise, and UL Monroe's Todd Berry playing two quarterbacks at once Friday night sure fits the bill.

Watch as Kolton Browning and Cody Wells don't just share the field on some Wildcat ish, but set up each other's throws by sharing the backfield itself:

That's a righty and a lefty, each able to pass to his more natural side of the field while moving -- not to mention each is capable of tucking and running. How do you stop that? Baylor was so frazzled it had to burn a timeout after consecutive gains, and now every future ULM opponent has something to spend time puzzling over.

As Chris Brown at Smart Football notes, this has been done before, but not all that often. Chris cites a recent Purdue attack that used a similar setup, largely due to injury. Danny Hope's threatening to use it again this year, actually.

And if you think two quarterbacks is something, check out BYU's triple-passer look. (It remains to be seen whether BYU actually has one quarterback, but that's not the point.)

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